Since 1991, DD Engineering has grown to a multidisciplinary and innovating engineering company with its roots in the process industry.

Engineering and communication

Today, we send our multidisciplinary engineers to our clients to make machines, process and installations more efficient and more safe, aiming for optimal production conditions. They will not only take care of engineering, but will also take the lead, from start to finish. That is why we not only focus on theoretical and practical knowledge, but also value communication skills when recruiting new talents. 

One point of contact with decision power

The advantage for our customers is that they have one point of contactwith full decision power during the course of their project. We also know that our engineers appreciate the confidence they get to execute their job in total freedom and brand independent. This independence is qa condition for them to execute their job in the best way and to adapt to any situation they encounter.

Going beyond the standard solutions

The experience of our engineers and the expertise that DD Engineering has collected in various industrial sectors the past 25 years are our main assets and the reason why we go beyond standard solutions. We continuously extend this knowledge and we promote sharing our experiences between each other. This is then a quality label which we can use as the best argument to become our customer's trusted advisor and partner for all technical projects. 

And we can't hide it: we are happy that we can have an impact on the way how companies run their business and choose their path for growth. Proud that with each project we can improve the world, make it safer and more efficient. 

Niels Colson,
Managing Director