"DD Engineering leadership appreciates and respects people with vision and trusts us to work independently."

"When I finished my studies and became a Bio-Engineer, I went looking for a job with variation where I could use my broad theoretical knowledge in challenging assignments. I have found it! At DD Engineering I get the opportunity to develop myself in things I like doing. Management appreciates and respects people with vision and gives them the cofidence to work autonomously. The combination with great colleagues makes this my perfect workplace."


"The first assignment I got was assisting in process safety studies for P&G. Before that I participated in a training week where I was introduced to the different processes and dangers in the process industry. The knowledge and experience that I got there, I still use today during my assignments as a project engineer for other clients."

"For the moment I am working as a project engineer at Clarebout. I am leading several projects related to starting up new production lines and managing some side projects related to sound and odour issues. In order to respect the deadlines, I work together with different subcontractors and suppliers."