"As a project and safety engineer I have a very varied job with the necessary freedom and responsibility to succesfully deliver on complex and challenging projects."

"During my civil engineering studies, I have formed an image of the ideal work environment. I wanted to combine varied work with theoretical thinking and a practical hands-on approach. According to me, it is the best way to build a great work relationship with the customer. "


"At DD Engineering, I have found the work environment in which I can realise my ambitions. The company culture breathes team spirit. You can easily approach a collegue requesting for advice when encountering a problem for which you don't immediately see a solution. I a hierarchical company this would be impossible. On top of this, I also get the opportunity to work independently with a lot of people: customers, suppliers and other company representatives."


Hereby a couple of projects on which I worked:

  • ATEX zoning for Desotec, Cosucra, Stas, for example proving with calculations that the ventilation requirements in a spray booth are fulfilled such that an explosive atmosphere cannot be created.
  • Process safety studies for Procter & Gamble and Duracell. This entails judging the process ("which dangers and risks occur?") and using calculations to dimension safety measures (for example what is the size required for a pressure relief valve?).
  • Several projects at Rousselot such as optimisation of the CIP process, design of a dosing installation and an installation for separating fat.
  • Streng calculations for tanks for EOC and ADS.
  • Calculation of heat exchangers for Unilin and Betafence. 
  • Drawing op piping charts and sizing pressure losses in order to select the adequate pumps at PVS Chemicals and Clarebout.