When you want to take the next step in logistics, you need an engineering partner that helps you set up a sustanaible and cost-efficient organisation of your logistical flows. 

Our engineers have the expertise and experience to map your current logistical situation and to point out where improvements are possible through a dedicated masterplan. After that, they will assist you in optimising the sitaution and creating value regarding:

  • Detailed planning so that orders are more accurately planned and deliverd to your customer in a more reliable and flexible way
  • S&OP by involving the sales department in the long term planning incuding attention to budget, forecasts and history and transforming these plans into a Master Production Schedulme (MPS)
  • Stock management by calculating and creating the required safety stocks, ordering quantities and optimal batch sizes in order to reduce operational costs
  • Distribution planning by calculating the optimal balance between central and non-central stock
  • Integration of the logistical flows and production through a dedicated Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • ERP optimisation, from order entry, confirmation, machine planning and purchasing to warehouse management and transport
  • Automation through automatic and semi-automatic warehouses and by automated picking and expedition

Our knowledge and expertise

Our Project Managers are multidisciplinary engineers that combine thorough theoretical logistics knowledge with years of experience in the field as an engineer in mechanics, automation and logistics. 

  • Thorough knowledge of lean logistics principles
  • Audits regarding planning, logistics and distribution and support in making related investment decisions
  • Making of logistical masterplans. Transformation of ideas and strategies into a masterplan with clear phasing and a realistic budget.
  • Advice regarding the storage of dangerous and explosive goods
  • Data analysis starting from ERP data in order to optimise stocks and logistical operations
  • Visualisation and quantification of warehouses and distribution centres using simulations
  • Operational control through KPIs
  • Selection of WMS systems through functional and technical analysis, engineering and help in setting up specification books or tenders
  • Integration of WPS systems: project management, budget control, testing and acceptation, training and go-live support

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Expert Logistical Integration

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