Clarebout Potatoes is a potato company specialised in frozen and pre-cooked products. The company continuously invests in new production lines and the optimisation of their current assets. All of these investments are executed woth the support of DD Engineering, from the initial concept to the start-up of the line.

Location: Nieuwkerke-Heuvelland

DD Engineering has years of experience with Safety and CE and has been the CE partner for Clarebout.

Clarebout has to comply with CE. This means that when extending or renewing their production assets, a check has to be done for the different directives such as the Machine directive (2006/42/EG),the ATEX directive (94/9/EC en 1999/92/EG),the PED directive (97/23/EC en 2009/105/EC),the EMC directive (2004/108/EG),the low voltage directive (2006/95/EG) and other applicable directives.

From procurement to startup

DD Engineering is an involved party during the design phase, as well as the construction phase of new assets or optimisations of assets. This enables us to take the CE directives into account during the early stages. 

At Clarebout, we work as follows:

  • As soon as the order is made, we check whether the chosen machinery or installations meet the CE directives.
  • When integrating different machinery and installations in a production line, we take into account safety elements, such as the accessibility of the machines.
  • To establish non-conformities, inspection tours are performed during the construction phase, together with the preventive services of Clarebout.
  • As soon as we see problems, we mitigate them during the construction phase, in coordination with the preventive services and the production managers.
  • To produce the Technical Construction File, we gather all manuals and CE declarations. 
  • Together with the Clarebout preventive services, we establish a Technical Construction File, including risk evaluations and a supporting action list. All points of these action list are taken into account by DD Engineering.

To administratively finalise the CE files of the construction of the different production lines, we work as folllows:

  • We divide the production lines in different zones.
  • Per zone we set up a CE file, consisting of:
    • A machine list
    • An evaluation of the available manuals
    • An extensive risk evaluation
    • A safety instruction card showing a summary of the remaining risks per zone
    • A Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
    • A 2D drawing of the machines or the production line
    • A manual
    • A technical construction file
    • A CE declaration of the zone
  • When an exiting production line is updated, the CE file is updated as well.

Optimising existing installations

DD Engineering also offers solutions for existing machines. This covers improving accessibility, making machines explosion safe or adapting machines made by Clarebout itself to the different directives.