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Performing process safety studies

Procter & Gamble places a lot of emphasis on the safety of its production plants all over the world. One way of dealing with this is to execute Process Safety Studies focusing on the production process and on the involved chemicals for identifying potential hazards and how failure mechanisms can occur. The outcomes of these studies suggest techniques and countermeasures for prevent these hazards such as installing Safety Items or enforcing Operational or Equipment Procedures / Limitations. DD Engineering is one of the external partners having worked out many of such Safety Studies for Procter & Gamble; they have been a long-time partner, mostly for their sites of Mechelen, but also in many other non-Belgian locations. 

Structured approach

We follow a structured approach for completing such Studies, starting with a review of the installations, to confirm whether these correspond to the available flow sheets or P&IDs (Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams). Based on these diagrams, a safety analysis is made per equipment that lists specific hazards such as overpressure, underpressure, thermal expansion, fire/explosion and chemical reaction, and the type of protection required for process safety. All equipment data and material data sheets are used to assess safety levels. The necessary calculations are made to size safety equipment according to worst case scenarios. For example, what is the maximum inflow of pressured air for purging in a baghouse filter. This results into proposals regarding process safety that need to be installed on the equipment, such as pressure relief valves or break disks, or operational procedures that should be implemented, such as keeping the area clean. 

"During the years we have been working together, Procter & Gamble has appreciated the work done by the DD Engineering people. They send their best civil engineers to do the job and show a lot of flexibility. This holds for both flexibility in time, being available when required, and flexibility in outcomes, where they are available to discuss and adapt the proposed safety items keeping in mind required safety levels."

Joël Bogaert
Procter & Gamble