Investment projects and focus on (technical) safety are a pillar of our service offering. Technical safety is one of the most important subjects to tackle during engineering projects in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector. We have experience with the different regulations that apply and we can take care of the necessary paperwork that is required. 

Our knowledge and expertise in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector

  • Broad experience in the process industry and with technically complex production processes
  • Knowledge of the typical chemical processes such as in distillation columns, filtration colums, extraction, heat exchange and reactions
  • Knowledge of the regulations (such as REACH)
  • Broad expertise in technical safety and the methods to map the technical risks and to provide mitigation actions
  • Experience with the standards that are applicable in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector (ISO, API, ...)

Specialised industries within the chemical and pharmaceutical sector

Within the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, we have worked in the following specific industries:

  • Base chemicals
  • Fine chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Biochemistry
  • Consumer products

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