On top of human suffering due to an accident at work, costs of production loss and mostly loss of investment capital are coming up. Attention to security should have priority in each company and should be unconditional.

Advice, optimisation and execution of safety projects

Our engineers do not only perform safety studies to optimise the safety of your company's production environment, but they can also take the lead in the project making sure the security optimisation is executed. 

  • Process Safety Studies (e.g. PHA, HAZOP, ...) in which we verify if the installations meet the technical safety requirements against safety risks (such as overpressure, underpressure, chemical release, ...)
  • Studies regarding fire safety, flammability of used materials, safety of buildings, extinguishing material, emergency plans, ...
  • Drafting of Technical Construction Dossier (TCDs) and CE- Declaration. 
  • ATEX: making of zoning classifications and Explosion Safety Documentation 

Our knowledge and expertise

  • Knowledge of all possible utilities: steam, thermal oil, compressed air, cooling, ...
  • Safety standards with respect to a wide range of processes in the chemical and food sector: pumps, drying, pneumatic transport, filtering, combustion, baking, heat exchange, heat recovery, wastewater, …
  • Storing and trading of dangerous products (Seveso, in accordance to Vlarem I-III)
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Levels) and PL (Performance Levels)
  • Expertise in the investigation of conformity with the regulations regarding CE. Interpretation of the standards and adjusting the situation.
  • Own lab for explosion testing and determination of explosion characteristics of products

Expert safety & CE

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